Participant Papers 2010

A World Without Walls

November 2010

Author Title
Admir Duran Action to Combat Impunity in Serbia: Options and Obstacles download »
Agnieszka Wedeł–Domaradzka Protection of National Minorities as a factor of stabilization and democratic safety – selected international law regulations download »
Alexander M. Karn Depolarizing the Past: Can History Foster Peace? download »
Dr. Arthur H. Westing The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) as a bridge between the two Koreas download »
Carol Strong & Mr. Joshua Gillum   Overcoming Asymmetry in U.S. Relations with the Middle East: A Strategic Paradigm of Engagement download »
Felix Olatunji Towards A New Social Order in African States download »
Francis Agu Wanted: a moral foundation for a multireligious country like Nigeria download »
Gerhard Reese (co-author) We Are the World – And They Are Not: Prototypicality for the World Community, Legitimacy, and Responses to Global Inequality download »
Dr. Gohar Markosyan Peace and Conflict Resolution Education as a best way of breeding tolerance  download »
Jacob Frizis When everything fails, from what will you hold on to? download »
Joshua Gillum  Is Islam Peaceful or Violent: Comparing Islam and Christianity to Reveal the Propaganda of Terrorism download »
Dr. Keith Moser  Reading Le Clézio: Simulating Empathy for the Marginalized Inhabitants of the Unwelcoming Global Village download »
Maria Chernyaeva,   The New Wars Debate: Implications for Scholarship and Policy download »
Nicoleta Vasilcovschi Commercial diplomacy importance and the role of peace promoter in the globalization download »
Pamela Creed, Ph.D Acknowledging the Role of the US Department of State English Language Fellows Program In Incremental Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding download »
Phil C.W. Chan Using the WTO for the Protection of Human Rights in China? download »
Raden Alpha Amirrachman, Ph.D Tracing the Trajectory of Peace Education Projects: From the Global down to the Local Level
Radmila Jablan Stefanovic, Ph.D Cost Accounting and Company Management In A World Without Walls download »
Shelly Gottfried Understanding a state’s model of capitalism: Key points regarding the Varieties of Capitalism (VOC) approach and other models of capitalism to understanding capitalism and its types download »
Susan Njambi Empowering youth download »
Věra – Karin Brázová Country Study: Ethiopia download »
Zack Tucker United in Progress: A Proposal to Reform United Nations’ Organizational Structure download »
Zsoka Koczan Garden-variety tastes or the power of belonging – critical explorations in the economics of identity download »