Participant Papers 2010

A World Without Walls

November 2010

Author Title
Admir Duran Action to Combat Impunity in Serbia: Options and Obstacles
Agnieszka Wedeł–Domaradzka Protection of National Minorities as a factor of stabilization and democratic safety – selected international law regulations
Alexander M. Karn Depolarizing the Past: Can History Foster Peace?
Dr. Arthur H. Westing The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) as a bridge between the two Koreas
Carol Strong & Mr. Joshua Gillum   Overcoming Asymmetry in U.S. Relations with the Middle East: A Strategic Paradigm of Engagement
Felix Olatunji Towards A New Social Order in African States
Francis Agu Wanted: a moral foundation for a multireligious country like Nigeria
Gerhard Reese (co-author) We Are the World – And They Are Not: Prototypicality for the World Community, Legitimacy, and Responses to Global Inequality
Dr. Gohar Markosyan Peace and Conflict Resolution Education as a best way of breeding tolerance 
Jacob Frizis When everything fails, from what will you hold on to?
Joshua Gillum  Is Islam Peaceful or Violent: Comparing Islam and Christianity to Reveal the Propaganda of Terrorism
Dr. Keith Moser  Reading Le Clézio: Simulating Empathy for the Marginalized Inhabitants of the Unwelcoming Global Village
Maria Chernyaeva,   The New Wars Debate: Implications for Scholarship and Policy
Nicoleta Vasilcovschi Commercial diplomacy importance and the role of peace promoter in the globalization
Pamela Creed, Ph.D Acknowledging the Role of the US Department of State English Language Fellows Program In Incremental Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding
Phil C.W. Chan Using the WTO for the Protection of Human Rights in China?
Raden Alpha Amirrachman, Ph.D Tracing the Trajectory of Peace Education Projects: From the Global down to the Local Level
Radmila Jablan Stefanovic, Ph.D Cost Accounting and Company Management In A World Without Walls
Shelly Gottfried Understanding a state’s model of capitalism: Key points regarding the Varieties of Capitalism (VOC) approach and other models of capitalism to understanding capitalism and its types
Susan Njambi Empowering youth
Věra – Karin Brázová Country Study: Ethiopia
Zack Tucker United in Progress: A Proposal to Reform United Nations’ Organizational Structure
Zsoka Koczan Garden-variety tastes or the power of belonging – critical explorations in the economics of identity