Erkki Tuimioja, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs for Finland to speak at International Symposium.


Update: The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy.

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is pleased to announce that the Former Minister of Foreign Affairs for Finland and current Member of the Finnish Parliament, Erkki Tuomioja, will speak on Thursday, July 30th at the Amerika Haus Berlin as part of the forthcoming International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin, 27th – 31st July).

Politician and author Erkki Tuimioja is one Finland’s most widely read and influential politicians of the last two decades. In 2006, during Finland’s presidency of the European Union, he held the position of spokesperson on European foreign policy. Recognised as having a strong anti-war stance, Mr. Tuimioja is also a celebrated author of 18 books whose account of his grandmother and her sister, “A Delicate Shade of Pink”, won the Finnish non-fiction Finnlandia Prize in 2006.

Hailing from a family with a strong political and literary tradition (his father was also a prominent politician and his grandmother a writer and social activist), Erkki Tuimioja began his political career in 1970 as a member of the Finnish Parliament (1970-1979). He then had an eleven year period as Deputy Mayor in Helsinki before returning to the Parliament in 1990, where he has retained his seat since.

He was appointed to the position of Minister of Trade and Industry in the second government of Paavo Lipponen and became Minister of Foreign Affairs when Tarja Halonen, who had held this position since 1995, became the President of Finland in 2000. Mr. Tuimioja rose to prominence during Finland’s EU presidency, at which time he was one of the first to demand a cessation of hostilities in the Israel-Lebanon conflict.

Irkke Tuomioja will speak to the participants of the Symposium on the role of soft power and the development of a common EU Foreign Policy in the Amerika Haus Berlin at 14:00 on Thursday, 30th July. His speech will be followed by a question and answer session that will allow participants to raise issues they feel are important. To apply for the International Symposium, please click here.