Hard Vs. Soft Power

Foreign Policy Strategies in Contemporary International Relations

(Cambridge University, UK; June 23rd - 26th, 2010)

Andrew Sparrow

Senior Political Correspondent, Guardian Online

Andrew Sparrow is the Senior Political Correspondent for the Guardian online, responsible for covering the latest developments in British politics.

Sparrow has had an extensive journalistic career. He began by training as a journalist with the South Wales Echo and, after joining the Westminster Lobby in 1994, he worked as a political correspondent for Thomson Regional Newspapers, the Western Mail, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Telegraph.Sparrow is also author of the book "Obscure Scribblers: A History of Parliamentary Reporting" (2003).

During his time at the Guardian, Sparrow has written primarily about British politics, covering key issues such as the MP's expense scandal and the ongoing controversy surrounding Britain's invasion of Iraq. Sparrow maintained live coverage of the MPs expenses controversy as the House of Commons released their allowance details. His articles about Iraq followed the entire issue, from the early stages of the invasion to the infamous Chilcot inquiry, during which time he maintained a live blog of the enquiry. More recently, he has maintained the Guardian website's live blog covering the 2010 British elections campaign.