International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the Commonwealth

"Cultural Diplomacy as a Means to Build Bridges between the Commonwealth & the World"

London & Oxford; July 10th - 13th, 2019

An Interview with Gordon Brown

(Former Prime Minister of the UK)

An Interview with Sir Malcolm Rifkind

(Former Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom)

Understanding Afghanistan and Central Asia

A lecture by Malcolm Rifkind (Former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the UK)

"Reducing Economic Inequalities by the Expansion of Educational Capacities and Opportunities"

Charles Clarke (Former Home Secretary of the UK)

An Interview with Charles Clarke

(Former Home Secretary of the UK)

"The Soft Power of Culture"

Dame Tessa Jowell (Former UK Minister for the Olympics)

"Politician's Perspective on the Enforcement of Human Rights"

Lord John Leslie Prescott (Former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK)

"The Value of Regulating Immigration Advisers"

Suzanne McCarthy, (Immigration Services Commissioner, United Kingdom)

International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the Commonwealth 2015

Sir James Mancham (Founding President, the Seychelles)

"Sustainable Environment and International Law"

Sir Graham Watson (MEP, President, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe)

The Green Party of England and Wales

Natalie Louise Bennett (Former Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales)

"Progress through Quality Education - The Case of Punjab"

Shahbaz Sharif (Prime Minister of Pakistan)

"The UK, Brexit and the EU – A Maltese Perspective"

Lawrence Gonzi (Prime Minister of Malta, 2004-2013)

"Sustainable Business and Responsible Investments"

John Agyekum Kufuor (Former President of Ghana)

"Breaking down Visible and Invisible Walls"

Ioannis Kasoulides (Foreign Minister of Cyprus)

"The Role of Women and the Value of Gender Equality in Realizing the Goal of Peace"

Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis (Former Foreign Minister of Cyprus)

"Cultural Diplomacy: A South Pacific Perspective"

Winston Peters (Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand)

"The Impact of The Rise of Populism on our Democratic Institutions"

Brian Cowen (Former Prime Minister of Ireland)

"Peace, Prosperity and Progress"

Bertie Ahern (Former Prime Minister of Ireland)

Cultural Diplomacy in the United Nations 2017

Joyce Hilda Banda (President of Malawi, 2012-2014)

"Cuban Soul" Case Study in Applied Cultural Diplomacy

David Soul (Celebrated Actor, Director and Musician)

"The Parallax Effect on Long Hair"

Ian Gillian (Singer & Song writer of Deep Purple)

"You can't Fight while You Are Dancing”

Marcia Barrett (World Renowned Lead Singer of Boney M)

'Democratic Participation and Cultural Inclusion in Multi-Ethnic Societies"

Caasam Uteem (President of the Republic of Mauritius, 1992-2002)