UK Forum on Cultural Diplomacy

"Promoting International Cooperation, Cultural Understanding, Sustainable Growth and Global Peace: Advanced Cultural Diplomacy Methods"

(London; August 22nd - 25th, 2024 - Held Parallel to the Notting Hill Carnival 2024)

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The Commonwealth of Nations »

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UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport »

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Discussion about Cultural Diplomacy with Ian Gillan »

With Ian Gillan (Singer & Song Writer of Deep Purple) & Marcia Barrett (Lead Singer of Boney M)

Discussion about Cultural Diplomacy with David Soul »

David Soul (Best known for his Role as Detective Kenneth "Hutch" in the TV Program "Starsky & Hutch")

Discussion about Cultural Diplomacy with Jermaine Jackson »

Jermaine Jackson (Celebrated American Singer) talks to Jack McConnell (First Minister of Scotland)

"The Parallax Effect on Long Hair" »

Ian Gillan (Singer & Song Writer of Deep Purple)


"Understanding Afghanistan and Central Asia"

Malcolm Rifkind, (Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the UK)

"Economic Discontent with Globalization, how it is Managed and the Role of Global Education"

Gordon Brown (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 2007-10)

"Reducing Economic Inequalities by the Expansion of Educational Capacities and Opportunities"

A Lecture by the Hon. Charles Clarke (Home Secretary of the UK)

"The Soft Power of Culture"

Dame Tessa Jowell (UK Minister for the Olympics)

"Politician's Perspective on the Enforcement of Human Rights"

Lord John Leslie Prescott (Deputy Prime Minister of the UK)

"The Value of Regulating Immigration Advisers"

Suzanne McCarthy, (Immigration Services Commissioner UK)

“The Sino-Global Discourse” »

An Interview with Nirj Deva (UK Member of the European Parliament)

"Making the Case for Europe in the Age of Populism" »

Seb Dance (Deputy Mayor of London for Transport)

"The Nation State in the Global Age" »

Anthony Giddens (Director of the London School of Economics 1996-2003)

"The Latest Global Trends in Cultural Relations & the Role of Culture and Education in Soft Power" »

A Lecture by Martin Davidson (CEO and Chair of the British Council)

“Age of Indifference” »

Eric Jack Pickles, Baron Pickles (UK Special Envoy for Post-Holocaust Issues)

“Great Art, National Treasures: The Unique Contribution of the Commonwealth” »

Nick Brown (Chief Whip of the UK House of Commons Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury)

"Kultur Kampf?" »

Lord Inglewood, William Richard Fletcher-Vane (UK Under-Secretary of State for Broadcasting and Tourism)

"The Role of Cultural Links in the Government's Commercial Diplomacy Drive" »

Henry Bellingham (Member of the British Parliament)

"Protecting Human Rights, Why Legislation Isn't Enough" »

Fiona Mactaggart (Member of the British Parliament)

“Agenda 2030: Cultural Diplomacy and the Sustainable Development Goals” »

Jack McConnell (First Minister of Scotland 2001-07)

“Cultural Diplomacy between Arts Promotion and Nation Branding” »

Emil Brix (Ambassador of Austria to United Kingdom)

"The Lithuanian Presidency of the EU: Priorities in the Field of Culture and Audio-visual" »

Asta Skaisgiryté Liauškiené (Ambassador of Lithuania to the United Kingdom)

"Denmark - How to Design a Nation" »

Claus Grube (Ambassador of Denmark to the United Kingdom)

An Interview with Sir Malcolm Rifkind

(Foreign Secretary of the UK)

An Interview with Gordon Brown

(Prime Minister of the UK)

An Interview with Charles Clarke

(Home Secretary of the UK)