The Cross Continental Cooperation Project (2013-18)


The Cross-Continental Cooperation Project (2013-18) was a 5-year project that took place from 2013-18 and conducted by the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy in cooperation with global governance organizations, national governments, international corporations and leading academic institutions. The project’s main aim was to use the application of cultural diplomacy in order to improve intercultural relations and by doing so, uniting the great powers of the contemporary world to better face today's global concerns.

The vision of the project is to create through its networks & participants, innovative follow-up initiatives and programs in order to further the dialogue and to create a sustainable impact in strengthening the cross-continental cooperation. The project has led to, already in its first years, the creation of further academic programs in the field of cultural diplomacy, the creation of the Center for Global Health and the creation of the Center for International Law Studies.

Speakers & Delegates during the project summits and events included leading politicians, senior diplomats, leading governmental officials, senior academics, renowned authors, journalists, and celebrated artists. Participation in the project events was open to applicants coming from the governmental and diplomatic fields, academia & scholars, representatives from the civil society and private sector, journalists, artists, young professionals and students.