The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2018

"Utilizing Cultural Diplomacy to Foster Democracy, Advance International Law and Back Global Human Rights"

(Berlin; December 13th - 16th, 2018)
Date Thursday,
December 13th, 2018
December 14th, 2018
December 15th, 2018
Sunday, December 16th, 2018
Hour Daily Theme:
Friday - Democracy Promotion
Saturday - The Spanish Catalonian Dialogue
Sunday - Advance International Law
09:30   Tea, Coffee & Refreshments Tea, Coffee & Refreshments Tea, Coffee & Refreshments
10:00 “Democracy Under Threat - Conditions for Survival”

Pär Stenbäck
Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland
“The Role of the University as a Social Agent in a Context of Political Transcendence”

Joaquin Salvi Mas
Rector of the University of Girona
The Role of Religion, Nationalism and Populism in the Modern World

Valdis Zatlers
Former President of Latvia
10:30 “Strengthening European Identity through Culture and Education”

Steve Austen
Celebrated International Entrepreneur
“The Role of Women and the Value of Gender Equality in Achieving Democratic Legitimacy of Decision-Making  and in Realizing the Goal of Peace”

Erato Kozakou- Marcoullis
Former Foreign Minister of Cyprus
„The Role of the Constitutional  Court in the Establishment of Democracy in Ukraine“

Yuriy Baulin
Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

11:00 “What is an Eventful City - how do you develop a Place where Culture and Cultural Eents underpin the City`s Attitudes and its Identity?”

Mary Miller
General & Artistic Director, Bergen National Opera    
„The Impact of the Rise of Populism on our Democratic Institutions“

Brian Cowen
Former Prime Minister of Ireland
„International Criminal Court and International Criminal Law: a Fruit and a Space of a Continuous Cultural Dialogue”

Fadi El Abdalla
Spoke Person of the International Criminal Court of the UN
11:30 Tea, Coffee & Refreshments Tea, Coffee & Refreshments Tea, Coffee & Refreshments
12:00 "Immigration Law and Welcoming Culture in Germany"

Karamba Diaby
Member of the German Parliament
"Media Literacy  - Part of Modern Democracy"

Margit Stumpp
Member of the German Parliament
„The Increasing Troubles in International Justice or the awaken Ghosts“

João Caupers     
Vice-President of the Constitutional Court of Portugal
12:30 ”Serious Media can save the World - But can Anything save Serious Media?”

Ove Joanson
Former Chairman of the Swedish Public Broadcasting Trust
„Berlin the Place to Be - The Future of a Modern City Depends on its Inner Liberality“

Klaus Wowereit

Former Mayor of Berlin
„The Constitutional Complaint as Democratic Tool for the Development of Constitutional Justice“

Boris Velchev
President of the Constitutional Court of Bulgaria
13:00 Registration
Tea, Coffee & Refreshments
Lunch Break Sessions Lunch Break Sessions „Human Right and Migration, do we make Compromise on Western Fundamental Human rights Protection and will there be Consequences if we do?“

Helgi Magnús Gunnarsson
Deputy Director of Public Prosecution of Iceland
14:00 „The Global Prosperity and Human Rights"

Hrant Bagratya
Former Prime Minister of Armenia
Lecture & Discussion

Elsa Artadi i Vila
Minister of the Presidency, Catalonia
Keynote Addresses by:

José Montilla Aguilera
Former President of Catalonia

Marie Kapretz
Representative of the Catalan Government in Germany

Martí Adroher
Catalan Investor Expert

Josep Cuní
Celebrated Catalan Journalist

Mònica Terribas
Celebrated Spanish Journalist

Elisenda Alamany Gutiérrez
Member of the Catalan Parliament

Laura Castel Fort
Member of the Spanish Senate

Rafel Bruguera Batalla
Member of the Catalan Parliament
(13:30) „The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a Quite New Important Dimension Globally"

Xhezair Zaganjori
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Albania
14:30 “Bridging Cultural Gap in Conflict Resolution”

Ali A. Jalali
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan
(14:00)„Do We Need to Reinvent Soceity Locally and Globally?“

Ögmundur Jónasson
Former Minister of Justice of Iceland

15:00 „Daily Diplomacy of Ukrainian Denominations and its Role in  Maintaining the Unity of Society, Integrity of the Country and Fight against Separatism and Extremism“

Muftii sheikh Ahmed Tamim
Mufti of Ukraine
"The Role of Religion in Peace Processes: the Example of the Catholic Church"

Anton Friesen   
Member of the German Parliament
15:30 „Is Migration Splitting the EU apart?“

Elena Poptodorova
Former Ambassador of Bulgaria to the USA
16:00 „The European Cultural Parliament“

Karl Erik Norman
Founder and Secretary General, European Cultural Parliament
„Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick - Preconditions and Limitations of Diplomacy in Budget Negotiations“

Peter Boehringer
Member of the German Parliament
16:30 Tea, Coffee & Refreshments Tea, Coffee & Refreshments Tea, Coffee & Refreshments  
17:00 “The Increasing Importance of International Law in World Affairs: History, Important Developments, Turning Points and Current Situation”

Guðmundur Eiríksson
Former Judge at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
„Women and Culture of Equality, What's New?

Nouzha Skalli
Former Moroccan Minister of Social Development, Family, and Solidarity
Keynote Addresses by:

Artur Mas i Gavarró
Former President of Catalonia

José Ramón Bauzá Díaz      
Former President of the Balearic Islands
17:30 Lecture & Discussion

Hakima El Haité
President of  Liberal International
18:00 "Making the Conservative Revolution"

Petr Bystron
Mmber of the German Parliament

Social Activity
Interactive Panel Discussion: “How can People of Arts & Culture can promote Democracy, the Rule of Law and Human Rights using their Work?”

Moderator: Mary Miller, General and Artistic Director, Bergen National Opera    
Massimo dell Utri, Professor of Philosophy
Johanna Suo, Arts Director & Cultural Strategist
Pierre Vasarely, Fondation Vasarely,
Heide Hagebölling, Professor Scenography and Dramaturgy
Interactive Panel Discussion - “Utilizing Cultural
Diplomacy to Foster Spanish-Catalonian Dialogue”

Moderator: Dirk Niebel (Former Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany)
Artur Mas i Gavarró
Helgi Magnús Gunnarsson
Brian Cowen
José Ramón Bauzá Díaz
João Caupers
Mònica Terribas
20:30   Group Dinner Social Activity + Group Dinner