The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2017

"Promoting Global Collaboration, Unity and Peace through Cultural Diplomacy"

(Berlin; December 19th - 22nd, 2017)
Tuesday, December 19th, 2017
Location- ICD Campus Compound
12:00 - 13:00 Registrations
13:00 Opening Speech - “The Force of Ideas: Examples to be learned From”
The Hon. Ögmundur Jónasson

(Former Minister of Justice and Interior of Iceland)
13:30 “The Global State of Democracy & the Value of Cultural Diplomacy”
(Keynote Address)
The Hon. Yves Leterme
(Former Prime Minister of Belgium; Secretary-General, IDEA International)
13:45 “The Global State of Democracy: Exploring Democracy's Resilience”
Adina Trunk
(Programme Officer for Democracy Assessment, Analysis and Advisory, IDEA International)
14:15 Interactive Discussion

The Hon. Yves Leterme
Adina Trunk
Moderator: Mark C. Donfried
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 “Human Rights & Cultural Diplomacy, a Challenge for the Future: a European Point of View”
(Keynote Address)
The Hon. Erna Hennicot Schoepges
(Former President of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxemburg)
16:30 „Art as a Tool for Cultural Diplomacy"
(Keynote Address)
Goodwill Ambassador Hedva Ser
(UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador & Special Envoy for Cultural Diplomacy)
17:00 „Conflicts Can Only Be Solved Using the Language of Peace„
(Keynote Address)
Oktar Babuna MD, Representative
(Representative, A9 TV, Turkey)
17:30 “Can the Centre hold? Reflections on the Elections in 2017”
(Keynote Address)
The Hon. Gert Weisskirchen
(Former Senior Member of the German Parliament)
18:00 Conclusion Day 1 and Evening Activities
Wednesday, December 20th, 2017
Location- ICD Campus Compound
09:30 Participant Papers

“Soft Power and Public Diplomacy as Counter-terrorism Measure in Contemporary International Politics”
Ms. Noor Fatima, (Chairperson of International Relations and Political Science, International Islamic University, Islamabad)

“Art & Culture as Driving Force for Peace and Sustainable Society”
Ms. Humaira Farooq, (Managing Director of the National institute of Cultural Studies, Islamabad (NICS))
10:00 “Rohingya, Past, Present, any Future?”
(Keynote Address)
Sheikh Ramzy
(Oxford Islamic Information Center)
10:30 “Cultural Diplomacy in a World of Conflict”
(Keynote Address)
The Hon. Hans Köchler
(President of the International Progress Organization)
11:00 “Cultural Misunderstandings. The Case of Black-Sea Region”
(Keynote Address)
Amb. Oleg Serebrian
(Ambassador of Moldova to Germany)
11:00 Break
11:30 “Western Balkans, from a Theatre of Hatred and Wars into a Chance of Coexistence and Understanding: Challenges and Addresses”
(Keynote Address)
President Bujar Nishani
(Former President of Albania)
13:00 Reception - Lunch
14:30 „UAE, Abu Dhabi, ADX and the Age of Cultural Diplomacy„
(Keynote Address)
The Hon. Rashed Al Baloushi
(Chief Executive, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange)
15:00 “Fighting Inequalities and Promoting Inclusive Human Development"
(Keynote Address)
The Hon. Nouzha Skalli
(Former Minister of Solidarity, Women, Family, and Social Development of Morocco)
15:30 „EU and EAEU: a Crossroad or Terminus? The Role of Cultural Diplomacy„
(Keynote Address)
The Hon. Hrant Bagratyan
(Former Prime Minister of Armenia)
16:00 “Cultural Misunderstandings - The Case of Black-Sea Region”
(Keynote Address)
Amb. Oleg Serebrian
(Ambassador of Moldova to Germany)
16:30 Break
17:00 "Governability achieve by Respect of Human Rights and Peace"
(Keynote Address)
Amb. Ramón Custodio Espinoza
(Ambassador of Honduras to Germany)
17:30 Promoting Global Human Values for Human Security and Collaboration - From Inner Peace to Universal Peace
(Keynote Address)
Amb. Ranko Vujačić
(Ambassador of Montenegro to Germany)
18:00 Keynote Address
Amb. Abdallah Saleh Possi
(Ambassador of Tanzania to Germany)
18:30 “Political, Security and Humanitarian Situation in Chad”
(Keynote Address)
Amb. Mahamat Abdoulaye Senoussi 
(Ambassador of Chad to Germany)
18:30 Interactive Discussion with ICD Advisory Board Members
19:30 Dinner Reception
Thursday, December 21st, 2017
Location- ICD Campus Compound
09:30 Participant Papers

“The Impact of Citizen Public Diplomacy Efforts in Restoring Relations between States that have a History of Conflict”
Lisa Gibson, (PhD Researcher-University of Nottingham)

“Empowering Citizens to use Food for Diplomacy”
Evelin Grauen, (Anthropologist of Education)
10:00 “How to prevent Balkanization of Europe; Can Cultural Diplomacy Help?"
(Keynote Address)
Rector Dragan Domazet
(President & Founder, Belgrade Metropolitan University; Former Minister for Science, Technology and Development of Serbia)
10:30 Keynote Address
(Keynote Address)
The Hon. Alojz Peterle (MEP)
(Former Prime Minister of Slovenia)
11:00 “Sustainable Development and Culture of Peace”
(Keynote Address)
President Tarja Halonen
(Former President of Finland)
12:00 “The Austrian Social Partnership - a Role Model for Global Collaboration”
(Keynote Address)
The Hon. Reinhold Lopatka
(Chairman, the Parliamentary Club of the Austrian People's Party)
12:00 Keynote Address
Minister Counsellor Abdul Jabar Ariyaee
(Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Afghanistan to Germany)
  Bulgaria Event
13:00 “Cultural Diplomacy and Efforts for Peace and Stability in the EU and the Balkans”
(Keynote Address)
Minister Lilyana Pavlova
(Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU 2018)
13:30 “Floating Piers” from Christo
Opening of Bulgarian Art Exhibition of photos from Kalin Ivanov (US-Bulgarian Photographer) & Reception
14:30 Conclusion