Cultural Diplomacy in the EU 2018

"EU Cultural Diplomacy in Practice: Building Cultural Bridges within EU States and with the Global Community"

Berlin; August 8th - 11th, 2018


The EU is privileged to serve as a successful example of multilateral cooperation between Nation-States and multilateral cultural diplomacy, and therefore can provide models for successful cultural diplomacy based strategies.

Indeed, cultural diplomacy has played a pivotal role in EU Foreign Policy, demonstrated by examples such as the founding of the ERASMUS academic exchange program, the founding of the Leonardo da Vinci program for vocational education and training as well as the Cultural Diplomacy Platform itself. Through its comprehensive and multi-lateral practice of cultural exchange and dialogue, the EU has proven itself to be one of the most pioneering region of cultural diplomacy in the world.

Cultural Diplomacy in the EU 2018 will demonstrate the importance of building cultural bridges for the benefits of EU economy, and well-being of EU citizens, while illustrating the cost-effective advantages of such programs compared to other policy alternatives. The conference will also campaign for new programs, increased budgets and greater governmental attention of the unique opportunities practicing cultural diplomacy can bring.

The conference will publish a report based on the speeches and suggestions from all speakers and delegate, which will be delivered to the EU Parliament, EU policy and decision-makers as well as to the international community.

Speakers & Delegates

Speakers during the event will include leading politicians, senior diplomats, governmental officials, senior academics, journalists, and celebrated artists. These speakers will include a large number of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board. To learn more about the ICD Advisory Board, please click here.

Symposium Locations

Based in Berlin, the conference will be hosted at the German Parliament and at a number of important political, historic, and cultural locations across the city.

Participants »

Participation in the conference is open to governmental & diplomatic officials, academics, artists, journalists, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, young professionals and students as well as other interested individuals from across the world.

Certificate of Attendance - All conference participants will be awarded an official certificate of attendance upon completion of the program, which will provide details of the speakers who took part and the topics discussed.

If you would like to reserve a position and participate in the conference, please click on the link below and fill out the online application form:


Participant Papers »

The Conference Committee encourages academic research and analysis of issues related to the goals of the Conference. The Conference Committee would therefore like to welcome the participants of the conference to submit a paper they would like to be considered for presentation at the conference as well as being included in the proposal document that will be issued following the conference and will be sent to all governments and leaders of the international community worldwide.