Cultural Diplomacy & People Exchange

By The Hon. Said W. Musa (Former Prime Minister of Belize)


I certainly feel that exchange, people exchange- whether it’s in sports, entertainment, or what you’re doing here in this institute- plays a big part in terms of creating understanding, and people understanding each other’s positions. That to me is the foundation for arriving at settlements and solutions. And I certainly believe that will help, because in the final analysis, whether we subscribe to a new liberal capitalist system, or we subscribe to a socialist type of system, the objective is the same, the goal is the same. We are trying to improve the luck of the people.

I do believe that Cultural Diplomacy has played a very big part in creating this climate of rapprochement between us, and we are getting on much better than before.

- The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy & International Economics 2012; Berlin, Germany, June 21st, 2012