Cultural Diplomacy & Multiculturalism

By Ingrid Hönlinger (Member of the German Parliament)


For me, multiculturalism is not a threat, but a challenge. It’s not so easy to live in different cultures, but in times of globalization, we have to deal with different cultures, and it is also a resource for the economy here in Germany, because if people from different cultures work in an enterprise, it makes it easier for the enterprise to expand into other countries. So for me, Multiculturalism has got a good sound.

I think Islam as a religion belongs to Germany, like other religions as well. And it would be good if children at school could learn about Islamic traditions. This is not easy, but steps should be taken to integrate this religion into Germany. I also think we need more dialogue. It is decisive that we keep in contact, that we know for example which holidays there are in Islam, so that we are conscious when our neighbors are celebrating their holidays, that it is a holy day for them. This would be something that is very easy to implement, and which would make living together a bit easier.”

- The Cultural Bridges in Germany Conference 2012; Berlin, Germany; November 9th, 2012