Slovenian National Elections 2012

The Event is organized by the Slovenian Democratic Party and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Open Forum

“Facilitating Foreign Investment, Safeguarding Slovenia’s Competitiveness, and Increasing the Rate of Innovation”

(Slovenia, Ljubljana, November 26th, 2011)

Program Agenda

9:30 Registration
10:00 Opening Remarks:
Mr. Janez Janša, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia 2004-2008,
Mr. Mark C. Donfried, Founder and Director ICD
10:15 Foreign Investments in Slovenia, Condition and Perspectives
Mr. Marjan Hribar, M.Sc., Director of Tourism and Internationalization Directorate, Ministryof the Economy
10:30 Foreign Investments and Expediting Development
Mr. Peter Groznik, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, Owner of NorthGrant
10:45 The State Governed by the Rule of Law and Foreign Investments
Mr. Boštjan Jazbec, Ph.D. Former Member of the Council of  Bank of Slovenia, Advisor to the IMF for the  Bank of Kosovo
11:00 Systematically Attracting Foreign Investments
Mr. Miran Pleterski, Director for Corporate Advisory - International Corporative Strategy and Investments in Development of Works,  PEMicon Company
11:15 Foreign Investments in the Slovene Knowledge
Mr. Aleš Štrancar, Ph.D.,Bia Separations
11:30 Debate
11:45 Coffee Break
12:00 Innovation, Investment, Internationalization
Marko Bitenc, M.Sc., GenePlanet, Singularity University, California, USA
12:15 Foreign Investments in Energetics
Mr.  Boštjan Napast, Geoplin
12:45 Mr.  Robert Kupec,
Director, Jelovica Okna
13:00 "How ICT Technologies Make the Difference in Shaping International Economics: Romanian Example of a Nation Wide Project"
Mr. Alexandru Radasanu, Vice President SIVECO, Romania
13:15 What Can a Government do to Attract More Foreign Investments?
Mr. Andrej Vizjak, M. Sc, Ministerof the Economy 2004-2008
13:30 Debate
13:45 Final Remarks
Mr. Žiga Turk, Ph. D., Minister of Growth, 2007-2008
14:00 Lunch for Speakers