Berlin Wall 20-40

The “Berlin Wall 20-40” Project is a 20 year long project taking place from 2009-2029 conducted by the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance for Human Rights & Global Peace (IPAHP) in partnership with global governance organizations, national governments, and leading academic institutions.

The project  consists of a number of projects such as the World without Walls Project 2009-14. The project focused on the further promotion of dialogue and understanding of the field of peacebuilding and reconciliation and its relations with the areas of international politics & economics, human rights, arts and culture.

In particular the project focused on the potential of cultural diplomacy to provide a detailed analysis of how Cultural Diplomacy can support global peace and reconciliation. Through discussion, lectures, debate, and analysis and beyond, the project highlighted the urgent need to campaign for a world without walls. The project will include large-scale annual meetings, academic programs, young leader’s seminars, and extensive research in the field. In addition, new graduate programs will be established to enable academic degrees in the field of global peace and reconciliation.

Finally, the project will create, through its networks & participants of all of the events, a significant number of innovative follow-up initiatives and programs in order to further the dialogue and to create a sustainable impact at both the local and global levels.