Timetable CMG November 2009

  Sunday, Nov 15th (Munich) Monday,  Nov 16th  (Munich) Tuesday,  Nov 17th (Munich/Berlin) Wednesday,  Nov 18th (Berlin) Thursday, Nov 19th (Berlin) Friday, Nov 20th (Berlin) Saturday,  Nov 21st



Participants arrive at the Motel One Munich – Sendlinger Tor

Meeting point: 13:45, Reception

German-Canadian Business Relations and the impact of the financial crisis tbc

Speaker: Dr. Georg Schmitz,  Vice President Munich Office, Region Americas, BMW ; Franz Jung, President and C.E.O. BMW Canada

Location: BMW headquarters

Bavaria’s role in German-Canadian relations
Speaker: Michael Hinterdobler, Head of Division for International Relations for the State of Bavaria and former  Director, Office of the State of Bavaria in Quebec

Location:  Bavarian State Chancellery

German Foreign Policy towards Canada

Speaker:  Daniel Kriener, Deputy Head of Division for United States of America and Canada Affairs

Location: German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt)

Legal and Social Dynamics of Moving people, Goods, Data and Services Worldwide

Speaker: Michael Siebold (Partner, Arnecke Siebold), Chairman of the German-Canadian Business Club and the German-Canadian Society

Location: ICD

The influence of foreign reporting on intercultural relations

Speaker: Representative of Deutsche Welle

Location: Deutsche Welle

















Tour of BMW world


Lunch (14:15)


Lunch at Osborne Clarke, Munich





Welcome, Introduction and Overview of the CMG Study Tour 2009 (14:15)

Speakers: Mark Donfried, Sophie Röhrig  (ICD)

Location: University of Munich

Global Warming and the Ontario Energy Act (13:30)

Speaker:  Dr. Terrie Romano, Consul for Economic Affairs

Location: Canadian Consulate

Regional Alliances: The Bavaria-Quebec Partnership

Speakers: Dr. Charles Villiers, Agent-General; Katia Grimard, Director of Public Affairs; Benekdikt Miklos, Public Affairs Attaché and Dr. Florence Gauzy, Bayerische Forschungsallianz (Bavarian Research Alliance)

Location:  Quebec Offices

Freedom Rocks – Images of the Berlin Wall (Canadian Embassy, 15:00)

Welcome by Agnes Kolodziej, Political Affairs Officer & CMG Alumni.

(Exhibition visit, Canadian Embassy)

Location: Canadian Embassy

Leadership initiatives work group session

Speaker: Peter Rees (ICD)

Location: ICD

Free time (Optional city tour)


The History and Development of Cultural Diplomacy

Speaker: Mark Donfried (ICD)

Location: University of Munich


Free time (Optional city tour)




Travel to Berlin (16:21)


The Role of the Canadian Embassy in Canadian-German relations
(Presentation, discussion)

Welcome by H.E. Dr. Peter Boehm
(Ambassador of Canada to Germany)

Speaker: Marina Laker, Political Counsellor


Welcome Dinner

Reception at the Canadian Consulate

Speaker: Alan Minz, Consul and Wes Sawatzky, Managing Director/Consul - Alberta
Government of Alberta Germany Office

A New German Government and its implications (18:30)
(Panel discussion)

Panellists: Birgit Otto, CDU, Ulli Finkenbusch, FDP, Manuel Sarrazin Alliance '90/The Greens

Location: Bundestag

Energy security – challenges for the 21st century
(Panel discussion)
Panellists : Dr. Bernd Uwe Schneider, Head of Staff Scientific Executive Board Geo Forschungs Zentrum Potsdam,
Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschning, HTW Berlin - University of Applied Sciences - Renewable Energy Systems, Joseph Odhiambo (participant)
Moderator: Mathieu Regnier (participant)

Canadian Artists in Germany- Private Preview: Larissa Fassler
(Gallery visit)

Speaker: Larissa Fassler, Canadian artist based in Germany

Exhibition opening: Larissa Fassler (19:00)

Location: September Gallery


Group dinner

Group Dinner and Drinks tbc
(Social activity)

A group dinner, hosted by the CMG Alumni network

Group final dinner