The Berlin International Economics Congress 2011

”An International Conference on the Future of Nation Branding, Tourism and International Investments in a Globalized World”

(Berlin; March 9th - 12th, 2011 - Held Parallel to the ITB Berlin and in conjunction with the ICD conferences "Nuestra America" and "The Rise of Africa")
In an increasingly globalized world, nations have realized the need to improve their image abroad in order to attract a part of the ever-expanding international market. In honor of these globally important topics, the ICD will host "The Berlin International Economics Congress 2011: An International Conference on the Future of Global Politics, Nation Branding, Tourism and International Investment in a Globalized World".

The Berlin International Economics Congress 2011" is one of the leading global conferences combining the fields of International Economics, Nation Branding and International Relations with an interdisciplinary and multinational program. The conference will take place over 4 days and will explore the future of Nation Branding, Tourism and International Investment in a Globalized World. The program will consist of lectures, seminars, workshops, interactive sessions and panel discussions, which feature leading figures from international economics & politics, academia, marketing, advertising, and civil society. Participants and speakers of the program will have the opportunity to experience Berlin through a series of cultural and social activities.

The year 2011 represents an important opportunity to reflect on the growth and evolving nature of the inherently interlinked concepts of Nation Branding, Tourism and Foreign Investment. The process of globalization, increasing economic integration and interdependence between nation states, has brought with it an increase in the economic potential and importance of international investment and tourism.

Many states now rely on Foreign Investment, and especially tourism, as a major sector of their economy. In order to attract this international attention and tap in to the tourism market, states have increasingly employed Nation Branding, hoping to promote a positive image of their state to the international community.

This conference will therefore seek to explore the challenges and opportunities of that states face in attracting international investment and developing their tourism sector, by utilizing perspectives and dimensions not only from the field of economics, but also from international politics, culture, civil society and the private sector.

Certificate of Attendance

All conference participants will be awarded an official certificate of attendance upon completion of the program, which will provide details of the speakers who took part and the topics discussed. Each certificate will be signed by two members of the ICD's Advisory Board. (The ICD Advisory Board list can be found here).

Nahas Angula

Congress Speakers

The congress will open with a keynote speech from Nahas Angula, the Prime Minister of Namibia. The speakers during the program will consist of renowned figures from international economics and politics including Heads of State, Ministers, high-profile representatives from the private and public sectors, renowned stakeholders from civil society, and the world's leading academics from the fields of economics, political science, and the social sciences.

Sustainable Network

Congress participants will become part of a growing international network of people from across the world with different fields of interest and levels of experience, who share a commitment to intercultural exchange. Participants will be able to remain in touch with each other through the ICD Online Network.


The conference is open to applications from young professionals, students and scholars, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, journalists, and other interested stakeholders from across the world.

If you would like to reserve a position please click on the Apply button below:

Congress Agenda

The following issues will be addressed and explored:

Cultural Diplomacy, International Relationship, Nation Branding, Sustainable Tourism, and Foreign Investment

Cultural Diplomacy in the Global Economy: The Relationship between Cultural Diplomacy, Nation Branding, Sustainable Tourism, and Foreign Investment (Focus: Africa, Europe, and Latin America)

The Role of “Economic Bridges” in Strengthening Political Relations, Promoting Sustainable Tourism, and Increasing Foreign Investment (Focus: The global political economy, socially responsible investment, and the economic peace thesis)

International Relations, Nation Branding, Sustainable Tourism and Foreign Investment in the Information Age
(Focus: International and social media, social networks, Wikileaks, citizen activism, democracy, citizen journalism, language and media)

Comprehensive Strategies for the Future: Linking Nation Branding, International Investment and Sustainable Tourism Policies
(Focus: Traditional vs. modern approaches, reform, future challenges & trends)

The Benefits of Culture to Business: The Strategic, Economic, and Philanthropic Benefits of Culturally-Aware Business Practice
(Focus: Corporate Social Responsibility, multiculturalism in the work place, business & cyber culture)

International Economics – Fair and Free Trade

Fair Trade: The Importance of Fair Trade to Sustainable Tourism and International Investment (Focus: UN trade policies, WTO fair trade policies, Market economics, labor rights, agricultural practices)

The Influence of Commodity Price & Exchange Rate Manipulation and Trade Wars, on Sustainable Economic Relations and Foreign Investment
(Focus: US, China, Russia, Brazil, World Bank, ECB)

Current and Future Free Trade Areas: Political, Economic, and Cultural Implications
(Focus: The EU, GAFTA, the Common Economic Space, ASEAN Economic Community)

Nation Branding

The History and Development of Nation Branding and National Brands (Focus: Traditional & modern definitions, place branding, marketing, diplomacy, tourism)

Understanding and Shaping National Brands in the Information Age
(Focus: Social Networks, national identity, techniques, visibility, geography, history)

Successful Examples of Nation Branding in Stimulating National Economic Growth
(Focus: Africa, Latin America, Europe)

Regional and National Branding: Exploring the Link

(Focus: The External Action Service, Africa and the World Cup, Latin America)

Sustainable Tourism

The Development of Sustainable Tourism in the 21st Century (Focus: Eco-tourism, budget travel, adventure travel, security, technological advancements, global warming, green technologies)

Cultural Diplomacy and Sustainable Tourism
(Focus: New strategies for tourism embracing local cultures, arts, and musical traditions)

High Levels of Tourism and a Strong National Brand: A Causal Relationship?
(Focus: Geography, the World Cup, the Olympic games, business travel)

International Investment

Cultural Diplomacy and International Investment in the 21st Century (Focus: National campaigns, the internationalization of markets, attracting FDI, economic importance of foreign trade)

CSR, SRI and Socially Responsible Tourism in a Globalized World (Focus: National CSR and SRI policies, challenges ahead, global warming, green technologies)

Comparing Economic and Political Relations: Can they be separated
(Focus: The European Union, US foreign policy, historical case studies,)