The Annual World News Media Forum 2022

“The Growing Threats for Democracy & Freedom of Speech”

November 08th - 10th, 2022

The Annual World News Media Forum is an annual conference co-hosted and organized by the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy and other leading institutions.

The current political & economic situation in numerous regions and countries around the world, together with the deteriorations of social norms for the use of violence, emphasizes the growing need for a greater Media-Public-Private sector dialogue & cooperation in order to avoid further escalation.

The Annual World News Media Forum 2022 will therefore focus on analysing and raising awareness for activities that promote global peace, stability and prosperity. Focusing primarily on the role of the media, the Forum will evaluate the tools and framework in which greater Media-Public-Private dialogue & cooperation can take place.

The conference will include addresses from journalists, politicians, religious leaders, academics and artists.