Conference Location

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin


Baku International Centre for Interfaith
and Inter-Civilizational Cooperation

The Embassy of Azerbaijan Republic in Germany

Berlin Academy for Cultural Diplomacy

Improving the Interfaith and Inter-Civilizational Dialogue to Cooperation

International Conference; Berlin November 19th, 2018

The Conference aims to improve of interfaith and inter-civilizational dialogue to cooperation, promoting the preservation of religious tolerance traditions, propagation of cultural and moral values, as well as the statement of the common position of the participants on threats and challenges of the modern world.

Topics of the Conference include:

  • The improvement of the interfaith and inter-civilizational dialogue to solidarity and cooperation serves promotion of peace, prosperity and religious tolerance in the world;
  • Terrorism, separatism, and xenophobia as challenges of the dialogue and solidarity;
  • Contribution of the interfaith and inter-civilizational cooperation to enlightenment of the young generation and preservation of the moral and cultural heritage;
  • Significance of increasing the world community's attention to the problems of those who face racial and religious intolerance, aggression and ethnic cleansing, as well as refugees, internally displaced persons and migrants;
  • Significance of strengthening the joint efforts to struggle against the vandalism regarding historical and cultural monuments, religious tombs and attributes;
  • Increase of joint efforts against harmful information propaganda which aims prevention of the inter-civilizational and interfaith dialogue and cooperation;
  • The role of joint efforts of the state men, scientists and religious leaders in the promotion of intercivilizational and interfaith dialogue and cooperation.