A World Without Walls 2010

”An International Conference on Peacebuilding, Reconciliation and Globalization in an Interdependent World”

(Berlin; November 6th - 10th, 2010)
Although Kurds represent over 20 percent of Turkey’s population, the Turkish government’s treatment of the minority, with regard to living conditions and human rights, has been subject to criticism from the international community. In 1978, Abdullah Ocalan helped to create the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), with the intention of seeking Kurdish independence. Whilst the party has frequently expressed their grievances via armed struggle against Turkish military forces, when Ocalan was sentenced to death for treason and separatism in 1999, the conflict intensified..

Recently, military defeats of the movement in addition to the Turkish authority’s promise of leniency towards unarmed guerrillas, have weakened the movement’s efforts.