Europe Meets Latin America: A Forum for Young Leaders (EMLA)
“Recent trends in European and Latin American Social-Politics”

(Berlin; August 12th - 16th, 2013)

Welcome to Europe Meets Latin America: A Forum for Young Leaders (EMLA)

Europe Meets Latin America: A Forum for Young Leaders (EMLA) is a network of young professionals who have an active interest in exploring and supporting European Latin American Relations.

The relationship between Latin America and Europe can be traced back to the 15th century when European settlers landed on the shores of what is now known as South America, and the Spanish Conquest began. The colonial period had an impact upon every Latin American nation and as a result of this a European influence is evident in the mélange of cultures and civilizations that merge to form the many nations and communities that make up the region. However, when these nations became independent in the 19th century they began to emphasize their national and cultural heritage. Then, during the 20th century the region was shadowed by the political influence of the USA until after the Cold War ended, when European countries started to strengthen again their old relations. Now in the 21st Century, Europe and Latin America are embracing the ways in which they are tied to one another - mostly historically, culturally and economically, and this forum gives participants the chance to explore these ties in depth and with the direction of establishing a global intercultural dialogue.

Taking part in the Young Leaders Forum allows like-minded individuals to share their thoughts and ideas and work together towards establishing a better cultural climate for future generations both in and across the EU and Latin America on a more global scale. Joining the network also allows participants to learn about the field of cultural diplomacy and the way in which it can be used to develop a stronger bond between the nations of Europe and Latin America and promote a better mutual awareness between the diverse mix of communities and cultures.

The forum approaches these objectives in a number of ways, including inviting participants to weeklong seminars which focus on a variety of themes and involve a series of lectures from high profile speakers with extensive knowledge and/or experience on the relevant themes, follow up discussions, debates, a variety of workshops and leadership initiative programs. Participants have the opportunity to explore the past, present and future of Latin American-European relations and take part in challenging group discussions on prominent issues. Outside the seminars, participants are also involved in conferences, festivals and the turning in of papers, all dedicated to the topic of improving intercultural dialogue between two diverse regions: Europe and Latin America.

About EMLA Weeklong Seminars »

Weeklong Seminars are held every 6 months and consist of 4-5 day programs of lectures, seminars, and workshops, together with cultural and social activities. The Seminars aim to give the participants an insight into key perspectives on European- Latin American relations, and to introduce them to a network of like-minded individuals. Speakers during the seminars include individuals from the fields of politics, diplomacy, academia, culture & the arts, civil society, and the private sector. Once individuals have taken part in an EMLA Weeklong Seminar and joined the forum, they become part of the ICD's network, which facilitates communication between like-minded individuals across the world.

Once they have joined the EMLA Forum, members are supported by the ICD in organizing leadership initiatives and conducting academic research, whilst they are also invited to join the ICD Online Forum - enabling them to share information and communicate with like-minded individuals across the world.

Joining the EMLA Forum »

Europe Meets Latin America: A Forum for Young Leaders (EMLA) is open to all individuals with an interest with exploring and strengthening relationships within Europe and Latin America as well as the relationships between Latin America and the rest of the world. To join the forum you must take part in one of the EMLA Weeklong Seminars, which will be held every 4-6 months.

If you would like to reserve a position and participate in the seminar, please click on the "Apply Now" link below and fill out the online application form:

Next Weeklong Seminar

(Berlin, August 12th - 16th, 2013)

In addition to looking in greater detail at the history and development of cultural diplomacy, the next EMLA Weeklong Seminar will focus on the following theme:

"Recent trends in European and Latin American Social-Politics"

Participant Papers »

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy encourages academic research and analysis of issues related to the goals of the conference, and would therefore like to welcome conference participants to submit a paper they would like to be considered for presentation at the conference.

Certificate of Attendance

All participants will be awarded an official certificate of attendance upon completion of the program, which provides details about the speakers and topics at the conference. Each certificate will be signed by members of the ICD's Advisory Board.

ICD Alumni Program »

All seminarparticipants will be invited to join the ICD alumni program. The "ICD Alumni Group" is an international network of like-minded individuals with an interest in further developing the field of cultural diplomacy through the support of intercultural relations. Participation in the group is by invitation only, and is open only to individuals who have taken part in ICD programs. Members of the ICD Alumni Group will benefit from the following opportunities (more)