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The Cultural Diplomacy in the Global Economy Conference: A Forum for Young Leaders (CDEC)
"Intercultural Relations, Youth Development Advancement, Environmental Responsibility & Ecotourism: Opportunities for Successful Nation Branding in the 21st Century"

The next CDEC Weeklong Seminar will take place in Berlin, from March 4th - 10th, 2013

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Joining the Forum

"Cultural Diplomacy in the Global Economy: A Forum for Young Leaders" is open to applications from young professionals, students and scholars, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, journalists, and other interested stakeholders from across the world.
The forum has been developed in recognition of the importance of combining perspectives from different fields and levels of society in discussing the challenges to the global economy, and on the understanding that "economic bridges" play an important role in promoting global peace and stability.

Members join the Forum by taking part in one of the CDEC Weeklong Seminars that are held in Berlin every 4 months. Each CDEC Weeklong Seminar will be focused on a specific theme related to the Global Economy and the goals of the Forum. These Weeklong Seminars include lectures, seminars, and workshops lead by experts from the fields of economics, the private sector, politics and diplomacy, academia, and civil society. In addition to introducing the participants to a range of different perspectives on the global economy and its influence on other fields, the week also provides an opportunity to network and experience Berlin.

Once they have joined the CDEC Forum, members are supported by the ICD in organizing leadership initiatives, conducting academic research, and are invited to join the ICD Online Forum - enabling them to share information and communicate with likeminded individuals across the world.

The application form for the next Weeklong Seminar can be accessed by clicking on "Seminar Application Form" on the left-hand-side or by clicking "Apply Now!" below. If you would like to reserve a position please click on the Apply button below:

Forum Objectives

  • To establish a long-term, interdisciplinary network of young leaders that contributes on both a professional and personal level to dialogue and exchange about the international economy and cultural diplomacy.
  • To educate, enhance, and sustain economic bridges through the empowerment of the participants.
  • To strengthen professional, economic, cultural, political, and scientific cooperation through close personal and professional relationships.
  • To provide the participants with fresh insights and new perspectives to deepen their understanding of the economic, political, cultural, religious, and social frameworks of cultural diplomacy and international economics.
  • To support valuable contributions to civil society through "Leadership Initiatives" that the young leaders will organize as part of the program.
Once individuals have taken part in the Weeklong Seminar and joined the CDEC Forum they will have support in the following areas:

Networking (More »)

Once individuals join the Forum they are invited to join the ICD Online Forum. This Forum represents the perfect location to network and share information on job and internship opportunities, related events, reunions, and to gain support for your leadership initiative.

Leadership Initiatives (More »)

Program participants are encouraged to organize their own “leadership initiatives” after the program, which can help to spread the principles of cultural diplomacy much further. The ICD is able to support Forum members in the areas of research, marketing, event management, and audio-visual documentation, as well as general guidance.

Academic Research (More »)

Forum members are supported by the ICD in conducting research studies on issues relating to the Forum. The ICD offers guidance in the preparation of research proposals and is able to publish completed studies to a large, international audience through the ICD website.