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(Berlin; London; August - September, 2013)
The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy's Young Leaders Forums are international networks of like-minded individuals who share an interest in strengthening intercultural relations within a region or country, or between particular regions or countries. Over the last decade we have developed a broad range of forums focusing on diverse bi- and multi-lateral relationships within and between Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.
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Forthcoming Weeklong Seminars for 2013 include:

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The OYED, in cooperation with the Burundian government, will offer participants the opportunity to discuss central issues and potential solutions regarding social development and educational programs in Africa. (more)

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Watch a Lecture by Elisabeth Kaneza, Communication Department, Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda (more)
Watch a Lecture by the Hon. Charles Clarke, Former Home Secretary of the United Kingdom (more)
Watch a Lecture by The Hon. Jan Figel, Vice-President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic (more)

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This page allows access to extensive reports of some of the Seminars, including written reviews of proceedings, copies of academic papers presented, lists of speakers, photographs taken during the event, video interviews with speakers, and video recordings of lectures and panel discussions. (More »)

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