The History and Culture of Greece

(Berlin, ICD House; November 13th, 2013)

The Event was organized by Mary Papgeorgiou and Naya Nousa
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On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 13th, 2013, ICD interns Mary Papgeorgiou and Naya Nousa held a presentation about the history and culture of Greece. The presentation was a great success, giving both the fellow interns and staff members a wider knowledge of the origins and traditions of Greece. Naya and Mary covered the extensive history of Greece succinctly, from 11,000 BCE to the present day. The interns were fascinated to learn about the various transformations Greece has undergone over the years and how they have contributed to Greece's rich culture.

The presentation raised awareness of the way in which the history of Greece has shaped the history of the world, paying particular attention to the pivotal role Greek philosophers, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle continue to play in the field of philosophy globally. Learning about the origins of the Olympic Games was particularly interesting for the ICD interns as the Olympic Games is a fundamental example of cultural diplomacy.

Listening to the Greek National Anthem and learning about Greek celebrities, cuisine and traditional dress gave the interns an enhanced knowledge of Greece's rich culture. Towards the end of the presentation, Mary and Naya showed a short film clip of what appeared to be photos of various landscape from countries across the globe, however at the end of the film it was revealed that all the photos were actually taken in Greece, highlighting the diversity that can be found in Greece's natural landscape. The presentation was an extremely enjoyable experience for the interns and culminated in a group of interns taking to the stage to attempt to do a traditional Greek dance!