Immigration from Turkey – Threat or opportunity for Germany and the European Union?

Friday, 29. May 2008

Panel discussion about Prof. Dr. Icduygu’s study ‘International Migration Debates within the Context of Turkey-EU Relations’

International migration has always been a crucial topic in the context of German-Turkish relations. Since the debate about Turkey becoming an EU member, the topic has not only gained more significance, but has also become more controversial. Many EU member states are concerned that full membership of Turkey will result in uncontrollable migration of Turks into their different countries. In regard to current quandaries with integration, a lot of Europeans are afraid of foreign infiltration, exploitation of social systems and threat to the inner security. On the other hand, migration is also seen as a chance to deal with the increasing lack of skilled employees in an aging European society – there is as such a new demand for appropriate policy in respect to the latter.

As concerns the actual, complex role of Turkey and the issue of international migration, the current presentation of Prof. Dr. Icduygu’s TÜSIAD Study will place special attention on the complexity of this topic and he will be able to answer and inform about Turkey’s function in international migration, its relevance for the European demographic development and the consequences that might transpire if Turkey becomes a full member of the EU.

Dr. Raiser and the audience have the unique opportunity to discuss with Prof. Dr. Icduygu the demographic situation in Germany; the impact Turkish immigrants will have on the German labour market; and the changes and the challenges for the migration and integration policy that might result from the above movement.

We are happy to welcome the following referees:

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Içduygu,
Director of the Migration Research Program at the Institute for International Relations at the Koc University in Istanbul

Dr. Ulrich Raiser,
Employee of the commissioner for Integration, lecturer for migration at the Humboldt-Universität

Dr. Mechthild Baumann,
Chief of the Institute for Migration and Security Studies (IMSS)

Friday, 29. May 2008 at the Europäische Akademie Berlin