European and Turkish Cultural Identity

Monday, 18. February 2008

Roles, Gender und Stereotypes in the discussion of European and Turkish Cultural Identity since Mozart’s "The Abduction from the Seraglio“ How does Art convey our perceptions?

Contact between the European Union and Turkey are discussed at many levels. Often, we find ourselves confronted by statements, which portray Turkey as an exotic land with a completely different set of customs. At the same time the Ottoman Empire was, in modern times, a European Power, the result of which was an intensive cultural exchange. We know the ‘Picture of the Turk’ as a constant in our immediate cultural context.

In the Operas of Grétry, Mozart and Rossini, there is the allusion to contact between Europeans and Turkey, there are partial links in the instrumentalisation back to Turkish music - the relationships are manifold. In today’s dramaturgical practice, this material is again taken up and used to reflect mostly current problems. This reflection is to be the topic of our discussion evening. It is our wish to convey information about the development of the image of the ‘Turkish’ and how this image is currently implemented in Art. Special attention will be paid here to the portrayal of the role of women in Turkish society.

The Speakers to be welcomed on this evening:

Doç. Yekta Kara,
Head Director of the National Opera of  Istanbul   and Director, Sabanci University Performing Art Centre, Istanbul

Prof. Siegfried Matthus,
Composer, Berlin


Dr. Jaroslav Šonka,
Director of Studies at the Europäischen Akademie Berlin

Monday, 18. February 2008 at the Europäische Akademie Berlin