Study Tour 2009 -
Participants Testimonials
"In the run-up to my first study tour participation I was amazed by the diversity of quality professional profiles of my designated CMG fellows. This first impression from the distance was topped when getting to know in person the other Young Leaders. It was remarkable to see leadership skills paired with strong social competence. It was a very intense and so far a unique experience for me to learn that the CMG network is based on authentic leader personalities who can integrate their own ideas and expertise into a common goal without any sort of self-promotion. In my opinion this feature makes CMG a very successful Young Leader's forum." Matthias Mück, Flight Dynamics Engineer, European Space Operations Centre, EDS Operations and Services, Participant since 2007.

"Spending a week with this incredibly diverse group was truly inspiring. Both professionally and personally, we could learn a lot from each other as well as from the managers, scholars and politicians we had a chance to talk to about their work and their visions." Patricia Alberth, Program Specialist, Office of the UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific, Participant since 2007.

"Le programme CMG m'a comblé tant professionnellement que personnellement. Les activités, conférences et visites m'ont apporté à chaque fois un bagage de nouvelles connaissances et impressions que je conserverai pour toujours. La douce humilité de chaque participant m'a séduite au plus haut point, facilité la dynamique de groupe." Jean-Pierre Lessard, Economist, Quebec City Service of Economic Development, Participant since 2006.

"These young leaders never cease to amaze me, as they are truly "drivers" as opposed to "passengers" in their respective fields. They are the courageous ones with new and innovative ideas, that aren?t afraid to both take risks and seek our new opportunities that lead to change and that lead to progress for both Canada, Germany, and the cooperation between the two." Marie Bernard-Meunier, Former Ambassador 2000-2004, Canadian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, Member of the CMG Advisory Board (2006)

"In the context of many years of working in the German Foreign Office, I can also easily say that Canada Meets Germany is not only one of a kind, but one of the most successful programs I have encountered, to reach out to young leaders and build a deeply rooted network of cooperation between them." Matthias Höpfner, Ambassador, German Embassy in Ottawa, Canada, Member of CMG Advisory Board (2006)

"For me the program embodies leadership, cooperation and networking - all at a trans-continental level, between young and dynamic individuals from Canada and Germany. The Network provides an opportunity for Canadian and German leaders of tomorrow to build sustainable relationships that could foster politics, policy and polity." Yasir Naqvi, Associate Director, Centre for Trade Policy and Law, Participant since 2005.

"It has been an honour and a privilege to be involved with CMG over the past two years, and without a doubt the experience has been a positive one for me. The people I have met in this program have truly inspired me to pursue my own goals with passion and determination, both at work and in life." Meredith Armstrong, Marketing Officer, Sudbury Tourism, Participant since 2004.

“Thanks to the CMG program, and the network that sprang from it, I now have a keen interest in Germany, and a wide range of personal and professional contacts, and it is far more likely to be involved in my next career choices.  From my perspective the program has been a huge success.  It has taken someone like me, whose international career has pointed in several directions – but none of them Germany – and opened up a whole new area of professional interest.”Paul Gaskin, Director, Oceans Directorate, Fisheries and Ocean Canada, CMG participant since 2003.