Program Archive 2005

Tour Summary 2005

The 2005 Program brought together 24 young professional leaders (12 Canadians and 12 Germans) from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to continue to build on the successful transatlantic relationships that have been built over the last 4 years of the program's history. This year's program highlights included three days of memorable team building adventures in the mountains outside of Munich, five days of high-level meetings with representatives from the German and Canadian private, public, and cultural sectors, an all day intensive conference at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin and for those who were able to stay and participate, a relaxing three-day alumni program in Cochem.

The CGYLF program culminated with a one-day conference organized by our alumni with the help of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin. This conference was thematically focused around the topic "Faces of the Future: Challenges of Demographic Change. Canadian-German Perspectives." Over the course of the week of program, this emerged as a common thematic thread throughout the different sectors and regions of the German landscape.

A Program Snapshot
The week began Saturday, October 1st in a creative and one-of-a-kind way with a methodology of "team-building" designed by icd and the Foundation. Instead of staying in the city of Munich, we brought all the young leaders to a Hütte (cabin) in the beautiful mountains in the Alps outside of Munich. There we enjoyed a number of memorable adventures, such as:
  • Hiking up the 1200 meter Wendelstein mountain;
  • An evening dinner cooked by the young leaders for the young leaders called: "Cooking up Transatlantic Relations,";
  • Trust and team building activities at the most famous Hochseilgarten (High Rope Course) in Germany; and
  • On the last evening in Bavaria we had the chance to break bread and enjoy some of Germany's and Bavaria's traditions at the famous Oktoberfest.
From Tuesday, October 4th to Saturday, October 8th we embarked upon the more formal part of the program where we had interactive seminars with high profile leaders in Munich, Jena, Erfurt, Weimar, and Berlin. Our meetings included sessions and activities such as:
  • A breakfast meeting with the Alberta Government Office in Munich;
  • A meeting with the Bavarian Government;
  • A Historical Walking Tour of Weimar;
  • A tour and discussion at Carl Zeiss Jena;
  • A lecture at the Frauenhofer Institut;
  • A tour and discussion at Leica Microsystems;
  • An evening reception hosted by Jenoptik;
  • An address from the Government of Thuringia;
  • A personal greeting from the Mayor of Erfurt;
  • An all-day conference at the Canadian Embassy including over 9 expert
  • presentations from Canada and Germany; and
  • A breakfast meeting with the Government of Quebec's Berlin Office.
Leadership Initiatives
The most rewarding part about the CGYLF is actually not what happens during their one week trip, but what can happen afterwards through the implementation of "leadership initiatives" or follow-up projects that young leaders develop and implement wherever possible. We allow the young leaders to create their own project taking almost any form as along as it serves two goals:
  1. It furthers our goal of enhancing, educating, and sustaining Canadian-German relationships,
  2. it helps in sustaining our network of alumni of the CGYLF over the long-term.
In 2005 we have already seen some great examples of leadership initiatives:

The CGYLF Newsletter in which over 6 different young leaders were involved in the creating, writing, editing, and worldwide distribution.

The high-profile conference organized by more then a handful of our young leaders on October 7th as an integral part of this year's trip: "Faces of the Future: Challenges of Demographic Change. Canadian-German Perspectives."

The Alumni Program that took place from October 9th-11th in Cochem am Mosel. This was created, planned, managed, and run by one young leader who believed that such an alumni program would be of great benefit to the programs long-term sustainability. He was correct, and it was a great success to bring together different generations of young leaders (3 of whom traveled all the way from Canada to take part!).

We have also been grateful to a young leader creating and running a webforum allowing the young leaders to have thematic seminars across the ocean, with the help of the internet. We already have received many suggestions from new 2005 young leaders for upcoming leadership initiatives they wish to launch such as a collaborative publication on this year's trip topic: demographic change, planned to be published by the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin, a high-profile conference to take place in Quebec in the fall of 2006, in addition to several other exciting proposals.

Conference "Faces Of the Future - Demographic Change"

Please find below the detailed description of the CMG Conference that took place in the Canadian Embassy Berlin on October 7th, 2005.