Program Archive 2003

New Bridge Between Canada and Germany

The Canadian-German Young Leaders Forum - an exchange program for young professionals from Canada and Germany - sets its goal of building strong bridges across the Atlantic. During the week of October 11th through the 19th of 2003, 24 young leaders from both countries, whose professional experience includes work in economics, politics, science, and media, will travel together to three German cities: Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, and Dresden. The week-long trip is being organized by the institute for cultural diplomacy in Berlin and the Forum for Young Canadians in Ottawa, in cooperation with the Embassy of Canada in Berlin. The exchange program is designed so that the location of the yearly meeting will alternate between Canada and Germany. The mission of the program is the creation of strong, sustainable networks between these two important countries and long-term strategic partners. In addition to private sector sponsorship, the financing for the Canadian-German Young Leaders Forum is made possible by the German Federal Ministry for Work and Arbeit through its "German Program for Transatlantic Engagement."

For Canada, the development and promotion of relations with Germany, one of the largest EU states, is of great importance, particularly since transatlantic dialogue has traditionally focused on US-Europe relations. In turn, a closer economic, political, and cultural connection with Canada helps Germany and the EU to expand and diversify its transatlantic relationships. It is the belief of Canadian-German Young Leaders Forum that a network of young leaders will contribute in meaningful ways to the creation and continuance of political and economic networks, the Young Leaders Forum strengthens the relationship between the two countries and facilitates transatlantic dialogue through personal contact between the participants. The early interaction amongst the participants, on both a personal and professional level, improves the chances of further involvement by the participants in international and bilateral work. Additionally, the networks will regularly receive new and innovative impulses through yearly meetings of the Forum. As an independent Program, the Canadian-German Young Leaders Forum offers to both German and Candian businesses the opportunity to make long-lasting economic, political, and cultural contacts, and to thereby deepen their understanding of cultural differences and similarities. Last but not least, the Program represents for the participants an opportunity for cultural enrichment.