Canada Meets Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders (CMG)
"The Transatlantic Relations in the New Era of Diplomacy"
Canada Meets Germany Weeklong Seminars are based on the recognition that the Germany-Canada bi-lateral relationship can be strengthened by bringing together interested individuals to explore its political, economic, and cultural dimensions and consider how they can support German-Canadian relations through their own activity.

The goal of the CMG Weeklong Seminars is to train and prepare the participants so that they are able to organize their own programs in the future. Each CMG Weeklong Seminar will be focused on a specific theme related to the Canada-Germany relationship. These Weeklong Seminars include lectures, seminars, and workshops lead by experts from the fields of politics, diplomacy, academia, civil society, and the private sector, as well as cultural and social activities. In addition to raising awareness amongst the participants of the field of cultural diplomacy, the Germany-Canada relationship and the wider context within which it is set, the week also provides an opportunity to network and experience Berlin.

Once they have taken part in a CMG Weeklong Seminar and joined the CMG Network, members are supported by the ICD in organizing leadership initiatives, conducting academic research, and are invited to join the ICD Online Forum - enabling them to share information and communicate with likeminded individuals across the world.

Weeklong Seminar Participants
Weeklong Seminars are open to applications from all individuals with an interest in the Canada-German relationship, and we endeavour to ensure a group with a diverse mixture of backgrounds and perspectives. Following their involvement in the CMG Weeklong Seminar participants become part of the CMG Network and are given support in organising their own leadership initiatives and conducting related research.