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Welcome to Canada Meets Germany (CMG) a department of the ICD that works to explore, raise awareness of and strengthen relations between Canada and Germany. The department is responsible for the development and support of separate but complementary fields of activity:

CMG Program Activity includes activity organized by the ICD throughout the year that focuses on the Canadian-German relationship, ranging from film screenings to panel discussions. This field also includes activity and research conducted by CMG Network members with the support of the ICD (“leadership initiatives”).

The study tour started on Sunday afternoon at the University of Munich where Canada Meets Germany Program Director Sophie Röhrig opened the forum with a short speech outlining the week’s events and program and introductions. Founder and Director of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Mark Donfried then gave an introductory lecture, during... (more)

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Study Tour 2009
(Berlin November 15th - 21st)