Advisory Board

  • Adetoun Adebisi – Küppers
    Production Engineer & Cultural Consultant
  • Abenaa Adomako
    Gründungsmitglied I.S.D. Berlin
  • Prof. Susan Arndt
    Professor of Literature and African Culture in the African Studies Departmenet of Humboldt University
  • Anthony Baggette
    President - Clear Blue Water e.V.
  • Mohamed Bah
    Musician – Band Leader: “ Mano River Multicultural Band”
  • Ade Bantu
    Musician, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Brothers Keepers (e.V.)
  • Thomas Bayee
  • Carol Campbell
    Actress, Moderator, Chairperson of the “Schwarze Filmschaffende in Deutschland” (Black Artists in German Film), and Member of the German Film Academy
  • John Eichler
    Lawyer and Consultant
  • Natasha Kelly
    Publisher & Chief Editor of „X, das Magazin für AfroKultur“, Author of „Afroism. On the Situation of an Ethnic Minority in Germany
  • Prof. Martin Klimke
    German Historical Institute (GHI) and Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA) University of Heidelberg, Project Director of: “African American Civil Rights and Germany, 1945-1989”
  • Prof. John Long
    Professor (Retired) at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and President of his own consultant group, Long & Associates
  • Rev. Pastor Peter Sorie Mansaray
    Pastor, United Brethren in Christ Church and Board Member “Rat Afrikanischer Christen in Berlin und Brandenburg”
  • Prof. Robert O’Meally
    Zora Neale Hurston Professor of English and Comparative Literature, and founder and former director of the Center for Jazz Studies
  • Reggie Moore
    Musician and Cultural Diplomat
  • Katharina Oguntoye
    Author, Historian, Director of Joliba e.V.
  • Jocelyn Smith
    Singer, Cultural Diplomat, and Initiator and Chairperson of the non-profit organization Yes We Can
  • Darnell Stephen Summers
    Film Director
  • Otu Tetteh
    Film Director
  • Eshete Tilahun
    Political Councilor of Ethiopian Embassy
  • Araba Walton
    Actress, Singer, Second Chairperson and Treasurer of the “Schwarze Filmschaffende in Deutschland” (Black Artists in German Film).
  • Detroit Gary Wiggins
    Musician and Cultural Diplomat
  • Rev. Frank Williams
    Pastor, Protestant Faith Fellowship-Pentecostal Church of Berlin e.V.