H.E. Amb. Ali Ahmet Acet

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Germany

S.E. Ali Ahmet received his degree from the American University in Beirut.

Ahmet Acet has been Turkey's ambassador to Germany since 2008. A long-serving diplomat, he has covered positions ranging from ambassador to Belgrade to deputy secretary of state for European affairs. 

A full list of positions he maintained throughout his personal career are listed here:

1973-74 civil servant and Third Secretary in Political Dept.;
1974-76 Second Secretary in Political Dept.;
1976-79 Second Embassy Secretary in Vienna;
1979-81 Second and first Embassy Secretary in Baghdad;
1981-83 Desk Officer in the Dept. for Security Affairs and Research;
1983-87 First Embassy Secretary and Counsellor in Bonn;
1987-89 Head of the Personnel Dept.;
1989- 94 Counsellor and First Counsellor in NY;
1994 Leading Legation Councillor in the Dept. for Collective Security;
1994-98 Envoy and Chief Advisor to the State President;
1998-2003 Ambassador in Belgrade;
2003 Ambassador and Advisor in the Foreign Office;
2003-05 Deputy General Secretary for EU Affairs in the Foreign Office;
since 2005 Ambassador and Deputy State Secretary for EU Affairs Along with his native language of Turkish, S.E. Ali Ahmet Acet is also fluent in English and French.