Academy for Cultural Diplomacy

The Center for Creative Industries & Performing Arts (CCIPA)



The Center for Creative Industries & Performing Arts (CCIPA) is a leading institute for the study of the Creative Industries, Performing Arts and Cultural Diplomacy. Combining theoretical studies with practical and professional application covering all elements of the creative industries. The CCIPA aims to generate world leaders and pioneers in the Creative Industries and the Performing Arts through new and innovative educational opportunities. Five different categories of education programs on Creative Industries and Performing Arts are offered: graduate degree programs, e-learning courses, professional development programs (certificate programs), weeklong seminars, and study abroad.

Our objectives are to extend current research, programs and practices in the field of Creative Industries and Performing Arts and create a platform to promote and sustain the fields of Creative Industries and Performing Arts. The CCIPA is committed to the promotion and development of arts and culture as well as excellence in the advancement and research in this ever-evolving field.

CCIPA Faculty & Culinary Advisory Board

The CCIPA faculty is composed of artists, academics, professionals and leaders from the public and private sectors as well as representatives from prestigious arts and culture institutions, foundations and societies.

Our Programs

The Center for Creative Industries & Performing Arts offers simultaneously professional and academic programs enabling students to explore, analyze and experience the wide and varied world of the arts both in theory and in practice. As a whole, we investigate the ability for culturally based initiatives to further mutual understanding and in turn to foster global peace and stability.

The programs offer high levels of leadership and professionalism and provide students with the skills to shape their future leadership roles in their respective fields within the framework of creative industries and performing arts, while addressing critical issues challenging the world today. The programs provide advanced knowledge and analytical tools for the study and practice of careers in the field of the creative industries and address the potential that it has in shaping international policies and global strategies.