H.E. Amb. Daniel Mulhall

Ambassador of Ireland to Germany

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Dr. Daniel Mulhall was born in Waterford, Ireland in April 1955. Pursuing an extensive academic career he first studied at University College Cork (UCC) and continued his studies at Murdoch University in Western Australia. 

He joined the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland in 1978 and has held positions in the Department’s Economic, Political, Development Cooperation and Press/Information Divisions.  In 1994 he began a year-long position as a member of the Secretariat of Ireland’s Forum for Peace and Reconciliation. 
Across his career Dr. Daniel Mulhall has had diplomatic postings in New Delhi, Vienna, Brussels (EU), Edinburgh (as Consul General of Ireland in Scotland) and Kuala Lumpur, where he was Ireland’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam from between 2001 and 2005. August 2005 saw him appointed as Director-General of the European Union and OECD Division in the Department of Foreign Affairs based in Dublin.

Ambassador Dr.Daniel Mulhall now serves as ambassadorial representative for the Republic of Ireland in Berlin.