“A World Without Walls“:
An International Congress on "Soft Power", Cultural Diplomacy and Interdependence

(November 6th - 10th 2009, Berlin)

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is pleased to present...

"Understanding Afghanistan: Continuing Trans-Atlantic Cooperation in a Post-Soviet World"
Germany/Europe, the United States and Afghanistan in Discussion

Panel Discussion

Berlin, Saturday, November 7th, 15:15
The Berlin Theatre on Kurfuerstendamm

Afghanistan’s political, economic, and security situation has dominated headlines around the world for the past eight years. As the NATO coordinated International Security Assistance Force struggles to ensure stability, and national governments come under increasing pressure to reduce their troop contributions, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy will look at the role played by the international community in Afghanistan through NATO, and consider the future of trans-Atlantic cooperation in a post-Soviet world.

"Understanding Afghanistan: Continuing Trans-Atlantic Cooperation in a Post-Soviet World" will take place as part of a program being organised by the ICD entitled “A World Without Walls: An International Congress on Soft Power, Cultural Diplomacy and Interdependence” (Berlin, 6th – 9th November).

The panellists for the discussion will include:
  • Dr. Solomon Isaac Passy (Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria)
  • Marina Pendes (Deputy Minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  • Ambassador Carlo Ungaro (Former Italian Ambassador and Former adviser to the Italian contingent of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Herat, Afghanistan)
The speakers will share their perspectives on the challenges facing NATO in Afghanistan, and the relevance of trans-Atlantic relations in a Post-Soviet World. Following the panel discussion there will be an opportunity for the panellists to field questions from the audience.