The ICD and Dubrovnik International University will offer an MA in Cultural Diplomacy from 2011 (Berlin, January 2011)

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and Dubrovnik University are pleased to announce the inaugural…

MA in Cultural Diplomacy
(Berlin, commencing January 2011)

From January 2011 the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and the Dubrovnik School of Diplomacy at Dubrovnik University will offer a Masters Degree Program in Cultural Diplomacy. The first of its kind across the world, the program will combine the traditional academic components of international relations with a new focus on the role of soft power and cultural diplomacy in contemporary global affairs.

Changing Contexts

The process of globalisation and the increasing interdependence of individual nation states have many consequences for the conduct of national and foreign politics. We can identify, for example, global challenges such as climate change and global health pandemics that demand multi-lateral cooperation between all members of the international community. Furthermore, it can be seen that national issues such as crime and terrorism, financial regulation, immigration and integration, and development, can no longer be addressed by individual governments acting alone. To develop effective national policies in these areas, governments must work in a collaborative manner with their neighbours.

The increasing interdependence between nation states has required governments to rethink their approach to foreign policy. Military and economic power might have been traditionally been effective in pursuing short term goals, but the limitations of their use in addressing the challenges above are increasingly apparent. Within this context, the importance of multilateral cooperation based on dialogue, understanding and trust, and the value of soft power are increasingly under discussion. The MA in Cultural Diplomacy is based on the belief that the traditional approaches to International Relations are in need of revision.

The Program

The MA in Cultural Diplomacy is a degree offered by the University of Dubrovnik’s School of Diplomacy and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. The degree program lasts for 12 months and requires students to complete two taught semesters, one at each institution, and submit a dissertation before the end of the following summer.

The content of the degree program will combine the traditional components of IR studies, including theoretical and empirical analyses of the international system, the international political economy, international organisations, together with modules on new forms of foreign policy including public and cultural diplomacy, and the value of soft power and national brands.

Program Speakers

The program speakers will consist of leading figures from academia, international politics and diplomacy, and civil society. Guest speakers from the ICD Advisory Board will offer students the unique opportunity to hear the views of former Heads of State and former Foreign and Defence Ministers, and to balance these with the views of leading academics and practitioners. The ICD Advisory Board can be seen here.

For further information on the MA in Cultural Diplomacy, please send an email to infoculturaldiplomacyorg