Marco Tulio Boasso

Chief of Mission and Special Envoy to Afghanistan, International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Dr. Marco Tulio Boasso, a Uruguayan lawyer, has worked since 1994 for the International Organization for Migration (IOM). He first worked as Manager of the Emergency and Post Conflict missions, and later as Head of the IOMís EPC Department, in charge of implementing humanitarian aid and overseeing reconstruction projects in countries such as Iraq, Haiti or Afghanistan.

In August 2003 he was leading the IMOís mission in Kabul when the UN was victim of one of the most tragic terrorist attacks ever -and till then the first the UN suffered during a peacekeeping mission.

Currently Boasso is Special Envoy an Chief of Mission in Afghanistan where the IOM -as part of the UN Development Assistance Framework in support to the Afghanistan National Development Strategy 2010-2013- deal with the migratory issue through three main branches: the Return Management and Counter-trafficking Division, the Labour and Facilitated Migration Division and the Technical Cooperation on Migration Division.