“A World Without Walls“:
An International Congress on "Soft Power", Cultural Diplomacy and Interdependence

(November 6th - 10th 2009, Berlin)

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is pleased to present...

A Strong Europe is an Integrated Europe?

(Panel discussion)

Berlin, Sunday 8th November (18:00)
The ICD House of Arts & Culture

In recognition of the increasing political, economic, and cultural integration of the European Union, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) will host a panel discussion featuring prominent politicians and ministers from Europe to reflect on the process of integration and its consequences for the region.

“A Strong Europe is an Integrated Europe” takes place as part of the ICD event “A World Without Walls: An International Congress on Soft Power, Cultural Diplomacy and Interdependence” (Berlin, 6th – 9th November) and includes a diverse line up of experts from the field of European politics.

The panellists will include:
  • Anneli Jäätteenmäki (Member of the European Parliament, Former Prime Minister of Finland),
  • Erna Hennicot Schoepges (Member of the European Parliament, Former Luxembourgian Minister of Culture and Religious Affairs),
  • H.E. Yasar Yakis (Former Foreign Minister of Turkey),
  • Jytte Hilden (Former Minister of Culture of Denmark),
  • Gerassimos D. Arsenis (Greek Former Minister of Defense),
  • Marina Pendes (Deputy Minister of Defense of Bulgaria)
The group will explore in detail the depth and breadth of integration within Europe from political, economic, and cultural perspectives, before moving to consider what the region stands to gain and lose from this process.

A question and answer session after the discussion will allow members of the audience the opportunity to put questions to the panellists. The audience for the event will be participants of the ICD program “A World Without Walls: An International Congress on Soft Power, Cultural Diplomacy, and Interdependence”, who will be joined by a select group of ICD Young Leaders.