Amb. Delia Domingo-Albert

Former Foreign Minister of the Philippines; Former Ambassador of the Philippines to Germany

Amb. Delia Domingo-Albert is a career diplomat and was the former Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines between December 2003 and August 2004.

After studying International Relations at the University of the Philippines, Ms. Domingo-Albert attended several distinguished European and American institutions, including the Graduate Institute for International and Development studies in Geneva, Switzerland; the Diplomatic Institute in Salzburg, Austria; the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA; and the Public Administration Institute of London in the UK.

Ms. Domingo-Albert began her political career as an assistant at the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1967. She then served in important Filipino diplomatic missions abroad including Geneva (1969-75), Romania (1975-80), Bonn, West Germany (1982-1990), and Australia (1995-2002). She also served as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in 2001. From 1990 to1995, Ms. Domingo-Albert worked as Director-General of the ASEAN National Secretariat in the Philippine Home Office, and in 2003, served as Undersecretary for International Economic Relations and Philippine Senior Office for APEC, before becoming the first woman Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines in 2003. In September 2004, Ms. Domingo-Albert was appointed Presidential Adviser for Multilateral Cooperation and Development, and was subsequently appointed to the position of Ambassador of the Philippines to the Federal Republic of Germany from 2005 until 2010. Arguably her most important role to date is that of Chairwoman of the UN Security Council, to which she was elected in June 2004.

Ms. Domingo-Albert’s work in international politics and diplomacy has drawn significant praise and recognition, culminating in numerous awards. In 1992, she was awarded the Knight Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit with Star of the Federal Republic of Germany for her efforts not only in promoting  relations between the Philippines and Germany, but also between ASEAN and the European Union. In 2004, she was the proud recipient of the degree of Doctor of Humanities by the Philippine Women's University, following her extensive work in promoting gender equality in the country. She also had the honour of receiving the Outstanding Woman in Public Service Award by the National Council of Women of the Philippines in June 2005.